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Thank you for considering a review of Chroma Club, our monthly coloring book subscription.

We have created a simple form to gather your address and website information, please take a moment to fill it up at: http://goo.gl/forms/NiCH5XuMbH52sfCh2

What’s in the review kit?

Except for a printed copy of this small “letter” to you, you would be getting exactly what our subscribers get: “Joy in your inbox”

Every month, on the anniversary date of a member sign-up (we don’t wait to ship in bulk, we send it as soon as you order, and every month after that on the same date) we send a 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch coloring 20 pages (+cover) booklet containing 9 unique designs curated by us.

We try to provide a central theme to every month’s book for the main pages and include recurring types of artwork such as mandalas and zodiac inspired designs.

We aim for a broad variety of styles, and levels of skills. We pride ourselves in the artwork, and try to source about half of our pages from independent artists every month, giving them credit and exposure in addition to a fair compensation.

We print in the US, on recycled paper.

We ship worldwide (Free in the US, surcharge elsewhere).

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Thank you, and happy coloring ;)